Exhort (men's ministry) is having a Bonfire on Friday at Cyril's house in Waterdown. ... Contact…
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RT @desiringGod: If you trust him, God will bring you through. He will give you the strength you need for the storms you face.
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About Jacalyn Allison

Hey I'm Jacalyn. I live and work in Burlington as a hairstylist. I am a girl who loves thunderstorms and being outside. I am a girl who dreams big. I am also a girl who has little to no writing knowledge. But I am a girl who has stumbled and fallen on my face, and has God steadily shaping me into who I was created to be. That is worth talking about! So, I decided to write about it here on my blog

Seeking Through Doubt

I was baptized when I was 19. Between then and now a lot has happened. I actually think I sinned more since I have been baptized then before I was baptized. Thank goodness we have a forgiving God. I went from a life of lies and secrets, to this place of openness and healing. With Gods help I am slowly being stitched back together in the way God has intended for me. God has been

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