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Christy is a “young twenty something” who is convinced she might actually be 35 inside. She likes coffee, music, books, good design, nerdy movie franchises, and the Oxford comma. You can read more of her musings on life and how following Christ intersects with living a day-to-day life at

On Rest

I feel like we usually think of rest in terms of needing a break from business. Resting in God is equated to sitting in the bottom of a boat, calm as a cucumber, in the middle of a wild storm; or a baby cradled in their mother’s arms in front of a warm fire as a blizzard rages around the house. We don’t think about resting and needing rest until we’re surrounded by seas of


'Jesus can change us from the inside if we allow ourselves to keep our eyes focused on Him.' @cyrilguerette #reflectingperfection #fvchurch
h J R
'May our kindness reflect the perfect loving kindness of our saviour.' @cyrilguerette #reflectingperfection #sundaymorning
h J R

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