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ForestView Covenant Communities

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Covenant Community

ForestView’s small group ministry is designed to provide adults with a spiritually fertile environment in which to deepen faith. Clusters of 12-18 people meet to mutually encourage each other in their commitment to faithfully follow Jesus. Regular group gatherings focus on bible study, sharing life and communal prayer. Some groups share a commitment (covenant) among participants to develop spiritual practices to nurture personal growth in a common area of life. Some groups identify a form of mission (community service) in which members can engage together on a regular basis.

As the primary discipleship ministry at ForestView it is our hope that every adult will find a Covenant Community to participate in. This registration page lists most of the group options for the 2015-2016 ministry season. Groups are identified by facilitators and listed in order of when they meet throughout the week. Group descriptions also include location, frequency, composition and focus of study.

The description of group composition is a general characterization of current group participants and is not intended to be prescriptive. As groups begin meeting early September, many intend to use discussion material that corresponds with the Sunday sermon series. Though “Sermon Series” is listed as the topic for most groups, this is only a temporary focus, allowing time for groups to consider possible alternative study material.

Once you provide basic contact information, your registration will be forwarded to ministry coordinators. They will contact the facilitators of the selected group to determine if space is still available. One of the group facilitators will contact you to provide more information and welcome you into group life.

The Communities

We have communities meeting most days of the week and they are spread across Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Waterdown and Hamilton. Some follow the sermon series while others participate in a book study. All enjoy living and learning together. Let us help you find a group that works for you.