Youth is happening tonight for Reality (grades 6-8) and Paradigm Shift (grades 9-12). Don't…
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FV Youth is committed to exposing youth to Jesus Christ and to helping them find their place within the Kingdom of God.  The purpose of FV Youth is for students to become shaped by the Narrative of God’s Kingdom and become active participants in it.  As the youth ministry of ForestView: Church Without Walls, we offer programming for youth from grade 6-12, which includes our Junior Youth program which we call Reality (grades 6-8) and our Senior Youth program called Paradigm Shift (grades 9-12).  The five pillars of FV Youth are: Discipleship, Justice, Community, Evangelism and Student Leadership.

Reality (Junior Youth / Grades 6-8)

Reality meets weekly on Wednesday nights from 7:00-9:00 PM. A typical night includes games, some time looking at God’s Word, and enjoying time with each other.  In addition to Wednesday nights, Reality has one weekend social event each month, as well as a monthly service opportunity (in conjunction with Paradigm Shift).   There is also a Sunday morning class for Reality students (at both services) three out of four Sundays a month.  Reality seeks to create a safe and fun environment where junior high aged youth can be free to be themselves as well as a place where there is a mix of both fun and practical biblical learning.

Paradigm Shift (Senior Youth / Grades 9-12)

Paradigm Shift is our senior high program at ForestView.  We meet on Wednesday nights from 7:00-9:30 PM. A typical night at Paradigm will include hanging out with each other, a game, relevant Bible Study and worship. Time is usually spent in small groups as well.  Paradigm Shift has a rhythm of life that also includes prayer and something we call “Check-In”.  In addition to Wednesdays, Paradigm Shift also has a monthly weekend social event, as well as a monthly service opportunity (in conjunction with Reality).  Paradigm Shift is not only committed to strengthening the bond between each other, but also passionately seeking God and further understanding what it means to be part of His Kingdom.

Other Information

FV Youth has its annual Fall Retreat (for both Reality and Paradigm Shift) in November. In March Break there is an annual Missions Trip to Trujillo, Peru for students in grades 10-12.  FV Youth also has a Student Leadership program for students who are looking to use their gifts.  This program is tied to a mentoring program that pairs students up with adults from within the ForestView community.   There are also small groups that meet outside of regular Wednesday night youth for students interested in exploring their faith even more deeply.