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Week of Prayer 2018

Fling wide you heavenly gates, prepare the way of the risen Lord!

lyrics from Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble by delirious

Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise; give thanks to Him and praise His name!

Psalm 100 verse 4.


Please sign up on the spreadsheet below. Working together we can create a constant stream of prayer throughout the week.


At first glance it may seem like setting a 24/7 schedule is a gimmick or a trendy way to motivate people to pray. On the contrary, it is as old as David… you know, King David from the Old Testament! It was in David’s tabernacle that 288 singers and 4,000 musicians were first commissioned and hired to minister to the Lord in song and prayer day and night. (See 1 Chr. 23:5; 25:7)

We also learn from scripture (Luke 18:7-8 and Isa. 62:6-7) that night and day prayer is deeply connected to the fullness of God’s power and purpose being released on the earth. The connection between non-stop prayer and large scale revival is also documented by historians. That is reason for us to take notice.


A history of 24/7 prayer

24/7 in the Bible and Church History
I came to the 2013 Prayer Room hoping to re-experience last year’s personal blessing. What unfolded was a meaningful time with God and His Map. His towns. His people. Sure, I prayed for my own home and my friend’s house just up the street – and I even found satisfaction in pinning the little yellow pins on the map. Good stuff but not especially noteworthy. I thought I had momentarily stopped by the Map on my way to the next venue.

But then it seemed I could not leave. Ideas came flowing: pray for Milton. But I don’t really know Milton… I know only a couple of people in Milton. Maybe I don’t even like Milton. This did not seem to matter at all – I was simply supposed to pray.

God leads my prayers for the Milton Prison – for the people who work there, for the men and women who sit in the prison, for the prison ministers. For God’s light to shine. For the truth of God’s hope to be evident. Against darkness. My hand is cupped over the location, positioned tightly as if drawn and held in place by a magnet. Is God crying?

I cup my hand over another area on the Map. Tearful and heartfelt prayers are spoken for the Police station. I pray for policemen and women. I pray for their safety. I know I am supposed to pray against violence, against bullets. I pray for their bulletproof vests, for safety as they work, for light during their night vigils. Protect their lives Lord. Protect their families. Protect their marriages. A little yellow pin marks the spot – this is an area that God cares about. And the tears speak of God’s own heart.

Directives: find the Milton Hospital. I walk the hallways in my mind and pray for the doctors and nurses and staff. Pray for the patients. Pray against fear and despair. Pray for God’s goodness. Pray for the chaplain. Pray for those who are dying. Pray for the light of Christ.

Find the Town of Oakville’s offices and the adjoining Police station. Again, I am cupping my hand over the location, sensing God’s Spirit prompting one of His children to pray. Pray for integrity. Pray for unity. Pray against corruption and anarchy. Beseech God to act with His righteousness among the politicians. Stand against the one who deceives, disrupts and tempts.

The most difficult place to pray for was a new Catholic High School in the northeast part of Milton. Definitely an unpleasant experience – where the opposition was significantly more intense than while praying for the police. I wanted to leave this spot – I did not want to cup my hand on this location. But God called out for more prayers. My words barely touched the surface. They seemed to evaporate into a dark fog. God assures us that He hears our prayers – but my words seemed to be muffled and deadened. Chopped down. The prayers did not dissect the blackness. I wanted to call out an alert – pull a fire alarm or initiate an air-raid’s siren signal like those used before wartime bombings. Our young people are in great danger.

These are some of the places and prayers I remember. The time passed rather quickly. I felt spent by the end of the hour. I left knowing I had participated in one of God’s promises: we are created in Christ Jesus to do good works which God prepared in advance for us to do. What a blessed experience.

Sunday – PRAYING CHURCH @ 9AM & 11AM
    – A time spent together singing spiritual songs to God and alongside Personal Prayers, group prayer for our church & Direction, and open prayer.
    – A time of contemplation and rest that allows us to express our love to God and experience His Love. We come together to be silent before God and seek Him as we rest in the Presence of the Holy Spirit.
  – God is at work in our world already, and shows himself to us uniquely in the poor and outcast. We come to pray for the work God is doing at NextDoor, Rolling Horse, as well as our church neighbourhood of Palermo, and our own neighbourhoods and networks.
Wednesday – WE WANT TO SEE JESUS: FAMILY PRAYER NIGHT (w/ Youth & KidsView)
630PM-7PM – Family Prayer Stations (KidsView)
7PM-730PM – Family Worship & Prayer (in Youth Room)
730PM-9pm – Youth Prayer Night

    – God loves our families and calls us to care for them and pray for them. Join us for a time of prayer together as families, and for families. This will included Kids prayer stations (self-directed), and worship and prayer with the youth group. Interactive and family-friendly, we invite anyone who wants to pray for our families.
    – Jesus left us with a mission, to bring his Good News to the city, our province, and country, and to the Ends of the Earth. Join us as we pray together for each of our missions partners from Malawi, Poland, Ecuador, Thailand and the persecuted church (Voice of the Martyrs).
    – We conclude our week of seeking God’s face with a special concert of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. We will pray for several special items including Church Vision, staff & leadership team, and our community to come to know Jesus.

Sign Up Here

Please sign up to pray for 1 hour slots during the week of prayer which starts on Sunday, January 7th at noon and runs until Friday, January 12th at midnight. Our goal is to fill this calendar so that we have 24 hours a day of prayer throughout this week. Please sign up with both your first and last name i.e. Janice Simpson. You can take as many slots as you like. Once you fill your name into a slot the background color of the cell will go white. Unfilled slots remain green to make them easy to find.

Click here to ADD YOUR NAME to this table.

A new window or tab will open to a Google Docs Spreadsheet. Find the cell that corresponds to the day and time you want and type in your first and last name, then hit enter. If you make a mistake you can double click the cell to edit it again. The spreadsheet saves automatically so you can close the tab or window when finished. If you come back to this page and don’t see your entry, you have to wait about 5 mins for the systems to sync and then refresh your browser (Ctrl R) and then you should see it.


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