100 Days of Prayer

The Leadership Team continues to hear that the people of ForestView have a longing to be a people of prayer. In this season as we step forward in trust, we need to seek God’s face, hear His voice, and move forward guided by the Spirit. Starting mid-October and ending with our Anniversary Sunday in January, we will join together in small groups to grow deeper in relationship with one another and God, to consider scripture related to some major themes that affect the church, to spent time reflecting and dreaming of life at ForestView, and to pray together. This is a focused prayer effort for a particular season. It addresses a need for us to hear from God together so that we can move in His will as one body. It is a way to join our LT, staff and congregation as a whole, valuing God’s voice in each of our lives.

Discern where God is leading us as a congregation
Deepen relationships between people
Continue to foster an atmosphere of prayer

As part of our 100 Days of Prayer small group are formed which will commit to meeting 10 times over 100 days. To maximize our participation in this season of prayer we recognize that we need to create space in our schedule to allow us to fully engage, as a result we will be delaying the launch of our Covenant Communities until January. You will be hearing more details and sign-up information in the days to come. We long to hear God’s voice and vision as we walk into our shared future.