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How God Moves in the Midst of a Move

My husband and I have moved homes this summer and what an adventure it has been! It is our first “big” move having a toddler on our hands and lawyers, paperwork and boxes galore! I must admit, it was one of, if not THE most stressful things I’ve ever done. Especially moving into an old, almost full renovation house. Kudos to you who do it often! It’s hard, and a lot of, work! There were

Slowing Down For Advent

As the days grow shorter and our schedules grow busier, it can be hard to find the motivation to do the important things. Instead we rush around to events, doing Christmas shopping and the other activities that consume our precious time. And we wonder why we may seem unhappy or exhausted. We push aside our bodies and our spiritual needs in an effort to get things done. This month I am trying to balance my activities

Creation Care – What It Means to Me

I’ve always felt a strong connection to God through anything living. Be it a plant, animal, or a friend, I see the beauty, the love and the likeness of God in these things. To me, creation is all that God has created: space, sky, and anything living here on Earth. I see it as our responsibility as humans, made in God’s own image, to take care of these creatures and living beings that may need

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Breaking Bread Together at the Next Door Space

My husband, Ryan, and I volunteered at the Next Door Space this past weekend and had a blast! Our covenant community is volunteering over the course of the next few months and this weekend we worked with the Springles and Hilary Wiebe. As soon as we arrived we unlocked the doors, brought in the food and began setting up. Immediately, I noticed what an awesome, welcoming space it was. The small space was well organized

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