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Danika lives in Hamilton with her husband Jordan. She studied Peace Studies and Communication Studies at McMaster University, and works now as a homemaker and caretaker for her newborn son. Despite her travel experience, Danika does not claim to be adventurous. Her favourite days are ones spent at home, with a good book and a cup of tea.

The Strength that God Provides.

There is one thing I want you to know before we jump too far into a conversation about global missions: being a missionary is NOT romantic. As I mentioned before, I grew up reading missionary biographies -- and from a young age I dreamed to become a missionary in Africa. In my imagination, Africa was a perfect paradise. It’s the continent with the nicest shape of land, the coolest animals, and the most enticing red

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Love Like Margie.

I told you earlier about my love for missionary biographies -- my admiration for the great men and women of faith who sacrificed everything to travel to unknown lands and share the gospel. They had amazing stories, which I have learned so much from. But, I always wish I could ask them: “How would you have lived if God didn’t call you to a far away land? What if He asked you to stay put?

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Do You Sponsor?

Here’s the most practical advice I can give you if you want to serve the global poor: sponsor a child. Through Compassion, or World Vision, or any number of smaller organizations, you can give a sum of money each month to provide for the basic needs of a child who doesn’t have enough. It’s a tried & tested, sustainable investment you can make that will transform lives and entire communities. Not only that, it will

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Our Mission Biography.

When I was a little girl I was obsessed with missionary biographies. Eric Liddell, Hudson Taylor, and Grace Aylward were my special heroes. I read their stories and then read them again -- always fascinated by their willingness to give up their lives for the sake of people they had never met. Years later, those stories inspired me to embark on a missionary journey of my own. My husband Jordan and I visited five countries

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A Confession.

It’s easy for me to sit behind my keyboard and tell you all the strategies I’m learning about how to be a global missionary from home. But the ugly truth is, I’m not an all-star global missionary myself. In fact most days, thinking about my brothers and sisters around the world is nothing more than an after-thought -- something I need to check off my list before I go to bed. It’s been six months

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