My husband and I have moved homes this summer and what an adventure it has been! It is our first “big” move having a toddler on our hands and lawyers, paperwork and boxes galore!

I must admit, it was one of, if not THE most stressful things I’ve ever done. Especially moving into an old, almost full renovation house. Kudos to you who do it often! It’s hard, and a lot of, work!

There were many moments where I felt overwhelmed, scared, frustrated, and/or anxious. Whether it was that my toddler is starting to throw tantrums now, or that our open house had very few showings and no offers, or that we had a nest of squirrels get loose throughout the house the whole two weeks it was open for showings and on the market… Life felt out of my control. I didn’t know where it was going and I “knew” that God was there, and is there for me, but I just didn’t see how he was going to make all these “things” get better.

God kept repeating in my ear from the start “I will provide”. Almost like a meditation, I tried to fix myself on these words, not seeing or understanding how he would. And then, our house sells, and the squirrels clear, and a cheque appears, and  friends show up to help, so on. God HAS and WILL provide. It isn’t easy to trust that and we want to know how, when, and with what he will be providing us with. We want control and some predictability with our lives…especially me being a type A personality. As we continue to renovate our new old home, I know that I will need to re-read this blog and be reminded of His presence when life feels overwhelming.

Change and transition are hard, uprooting yourself to the unknown is difficult, but it’s only for a short while. And we don’t have to be in charge of it all. We don’t have to have all the control and see and know everything- thinking it will make us feel better or have more knowledge to make wiser decisions.

We have to do our best in our circumstances and take full advantage of all our opportunities God provides us with- connection with the neighbors when moving things, appreciating a new restaurant for take-out when you can’t cook in the kitchen, learning interesting facts and spots about a new place and it’s community, etc.

For He satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things. – Psalms 107:9

For me, in our situation this verse meant: When I am craving order, and rest, I need to look around and find them in what God has already provided me with and wait on the rest. His creation, my relationships, and all the good and lovely things are from Him waiting for me to enjoy and fill that need. And for the bigger things- I know He is looking after me, going to present me with an opportunity or situation or gift to sustain me and move me forward. I only need to be patient and keep my eyes and ears and everything pointed in HIS direction, when life is in all sorts of different directions.

No matter the situation or transition or move your life is currently in or taking, God will provide. Wait on Him, make time to seek Him and enjoy the ride!