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ForestView is a complex mosaic of people from diverse backgrounds and experiences. As a result, our community of faith represents a variety of opinions and attitudes towards the issues that dominate our culture. We respect, enjoy and benefit from this diversity. However, on matters of core truth about God, we are of one mind. We believe the following statements to be true. They are explicitly affirmed in scripture and have been embraced by God’s people throughout the ages.


There is one eternal God who exists in three persons… Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As creator and redeemer, He is the author and originator of all that exists, and will one day complete it’s renewal in beauty and perfection.

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Born in the flesh, he was the perfection of humanity and the fullness of God. As a young man, He was falsely convicted and unjustly subjected to a criminal’s execution by means of crucifixion. He died, was buried, and rose to life on the third day. He was seen by witnesses after his resurrection, before He ascended to heaven, where he is present with God the Father.


Sin is rebellion against God, and the rejection of his purpose and blessing for our lives. It affects every human life – separating us from His presence, robbing us of our potential, and enslaving us to destructive and debilitating behaviour. Without God’s intervention, we are incapable of knowing His love and experiencing satisfying life.


God forgives sin based on the sacrificial death of His Son. The path to forgiveness begins with the acknowledgement of sin and a desire to move in a new direction. Forgiveness is received when faith is placed in Jesus, as the one who died to save us from our rebellion. This act of faith restores our relationship with God, and begins a new journey of following Christ.

Holy Spirit

To every person who trusts in Jesus, God gives the gift of the Holy Spirit. His indwelling presence provides the assurance of eternal life, offers guidance in the face of uncertainty, brings comfort in times of upheaval, equips us to serve others, and empowers us for the godly living and the conquest of evil.

The Bible

The Bible is God’s word, written down by ancient authors under the inspiration of God’s Spirit. With timeless truth and contemporary appeal, it’s message continues to speak to the human condition. It provides a personal portrait of God for those who long to know Him. Like a compass, it offers wisdom and direction for those who want a full and meaningful life.

The Church

The church is a community of those who follow Christ in faith. It exists wherever the people of God gather in the name of Jesus. It knows no social division, spanning the boundaries of age, gender, economics and ethnicity. God’s church exists to mediate His life giving presence to a lost and decaying world. It’s purpose is to reconcile people and nations to God, and to bring Him glory.

The Future

Jesus Christ will eventually return in person to judge the living and the dead. Those who have accepted Christ will receive the fullness of eternal life and will dwell with God forever. Those who persist in rebellion will be forever cut off from His presence, and left to their own destruction. God will end this age with the complete eradication of evil and the final restoration of His creation.

What God Offers

“I am the way, the truth, and the life” – Jesus

Do you ever get the feeling something’s missing? Do you ever wonder if there could be something more? At ForestView we believe God answers those longings if we’ll let him. We’re discovering that the life he offers us is so much more than going to heaven after we die, it’s the opportunity to live a life we were designed for and finding out that we can be more complete than we’d ever dreamed. This life God calls us to involves greater sacrifice and humility than we can manage on our own, that’s a big part of why we come together and share our lives with each other. As a group we can encourage each other and learn more of what it means to be experiencing God and attempting to live in harmony with his eternal kingdom. When we begin to discover the life God has for us we find that many of the walls in our lives are overcome or eliminated; walls that separate us from God, from ourselves, from each other, and from the world around us. It takes dangerous honesty to see the truth of these things and face up to what it all means, but the freedom and meaning that come with it make it so much more than worthwhile. Come and join us and find out for yourself.

A better way to live…

What our world longs for as much as anything is a life that’s worth living – something radically different – an alternative to what the culture offers everyday.

With His life, Jesus exemplified a transcendent way of being, and with His words He invited us to pursue His path… “I am the way, the truth and the life”. It is life on the edge – exhilarating, significant, and deeply meaningful.

The quest will not always be easy. Dangers will line the way. But the potential of discovering a life so out of this world, makes the risk more than worth it.

Imagine a life…

Full of faith and courage for facing fears…

Not a life paralysed by caution and dread.

In which contentment leads to simplicity, and gratitude to generosity…

Not a life measured by possessions – where enough is never enough.

With real freedom and power to choose…

Not a life enslaved by demoralizing compulsions.

Softened with tenderness, mercy and compassionate…

Not a life indifferent to the hurting and forgotten.

Stabilized by an inner peace and tranquility…

Not a life tossed in a world of chaos and upheaval.

Steered by the discernment of truth and the practice of wisdom…

Not a life misguided by fickle fads and trendy philosophies.

With nothing to hide – a life of consistency and congruency…

Not a life entangled by pretence and duplicity.

Nourished by open, intimate and loving relationships – where souls are shared…

Not a life of detachment, self-protection and emotional isolation.

Inspired by a deep sense of calling – a life lived out of one’s ‘sweet spot’’…

Not a life without meaning, purpose or impact.

Touched by transcendence and sacred mystery – an encounter with God…

Not a life bored by religious talk and empty ritual.

Brimming with passion, excitement and joy…

Not a life that would rather stay in bed.



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