For this past year our Youth Program has been led by our wonderful group of volunteer leaders and the interim leadership of Grant Skinner. They have done an incredible job and their skills and passion have been deeply appreciated, especially as our search for a new Youth Director continued and they were called upon to carry a very heavy load.

The great news is that our search is now over! The Leadership Team is excited to announce Jefferson Fowler as the new Youth Director at ForestView.

Jefferson will be starting Monday, June 26th. If you want to learn a bit more about Jefferson, take a couple of minutes to view this video interview:

Jefferson is married to Lauren who is a marketing professional in the Hamilton area and we want to welcome them both into our community as they work and serve with us.

You will find Jefferson to be very enthusiastic about youth ministry, life and faith and we would ask for your prayers for him, his wife and in fact all our staff as they prepare and plan for the upcoming ministry year.