Our Gracious Father,

You are our sovereign God—the Creator of all things good.  You knit us in our mother’s womb and have made us in your image—to be glory carriers; to be salt and light into the world.

Thank you for our Church.  Thank you for your faithfulness over generations.  Thank you for your provision and blessings in our midst.  We praise you for the growing diversity—in all ways imaginable—in the Church.  We thank you for elders who provide leadership and wisdom; we thank you for children who teach us and bring us great joy.  Thank you for the families and friends whom we are able to share life together.  We are grateful for these gifts that you offer us.

Today, we pray for the emerging generations.  We pray for those young men and women whom you have called, and are calling to your kingdom.  We pray a prayer of blessing over these young lives this day.  We pray for your holy anointing, for these young men and women to be sanctified and claimed as your own.  We pray that these young lives would have ears to hear, and an open heart to those who speak your Word.  We pray that they would seek the Kingdom and Your righteousness first.  May they look to Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith, so that in humility, they may look to the interest of others.   May these young lives learn to listen—to those around them, to the wise, to the poor and ultimately to the Spirit.  May they be trailblazers, to bring the gospel to places unknown and make known the name of Jesus.  May the same Spirit who raised Jesus from the grave be at work in the lives of these young men and women.  May You do more than we could have asked or imagined, and open the floodgates of heaven.  When they are weary, give them strength.  When they are confused, clarity; when they have doubt, faith; when they don’t know what to do, give them Your wisdom and discernment so that they may act in courage for Your Kingdom’s sake.  May You make their path straight, as they trust in You alone.

We pray for a generation that will encourage, challenge and spur one another in love.  We pray that as they take on new roles and responsibilities, they will be in tune with the Spirit leading us and guiding us towards good.  We pray for us—as we lift them in prayer—to not be afraid of their failures and wild attempts.  May we face both our fears of them not being good enough and even more so that they will be better than us, and trust that you are at work in these emerging generations to complete what You have begun.  We lift them up to you in gratitude and in excitement for what is to come through these young men and women.  In You we trust.  May Your Kingdom come as it is in heaven.

To You be the honour, glory and the power.


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