God we come before you with grateful hearts for the tremendous talent within our church. We are a body filled with capable leaders already doing great things. It is so easy to depend on our gifts to bring our church success and we sometimes lose sight of why we were so richly blessed in the first place. Forgive us when we fail to heed Your calling in our lives or as a community.

Despite our forgetful nature, You love us dearly and want us to partner with You in the work. Not as servants, but as daughters and sons. Bring us a renewed vision of ourselves from Your perspective. Help us to embrace Your love so that we may share it with others. Guide us as we make choices to act in loving ways towards ourselves and others; modeling community, self-care and wellness rather than selfishness, greed and isolation.

Grant us a renewed vision as we seek You in Your word. Give us dreams to change our community that make us come alive because we are doing what You created us to do. Let our joy overflow from the leaders that rise up and come alongside us with words of encouragement and sharing the burden of the task. Let us honour You with our work, with our families and with our lives.

There have been and will be many more moments of doubt and uncertainty. We often allow our circumstances to cloud Your brilliant vision and we are left with so many more questions than answers. Our storms seem monumental and some are fiercer than others, but You are larger than all of them. We cling to You. Not in our understanding of Your ways, but our growing understanding of Your loving nature. Lord we believe Your promises. Help us with our unbelief.

And as leaders that is where we gather our strength. We are not proclaiming our gratitude that we are not like those unfortunate sinners. We are claiming the blood of Christ as our anchor in the shifting sea of life. We humbly draw our power to love from the amazing grace You have showered us with. Thank You Jesus for loving us and never removing us from Your vision.

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