Summer of 2015, the holy spirit impressed on my husband’s heart that God wanted to use my body but I wasn’t ready. He was not specific on how. October 13, 2015, I dreamt an old friend had come to visit me. In the dream she told me I would get pregnant. I was totally opposed because I have two beautiful preteens that God has blessed us with. Anyway, in this dream, I had to walk the friend and her daughter out. As we were walking a loud voice came from the sky saying ” it will be a girl and you shall name her “Nomusa”. The name means grace.

My husband woke up to a message the very next morning from someone named Nomusa that he knew. Coincidences perhaps’, not with God things. I resisted, pregnancy and diapers was a struggle to wrap my mind around. My mom got gravely ill in 2016 and I had to go care for her. In the midst of the stress and chaos of caring for a loved one trough a terminal illness, I discovered I was pregnant mid September 2016. Ultrasound later confirmed the baby girl. She is now 2 months old today and gives us the greatest joy. Older kids have taken well to her after we all had reservations with this new addition. To God be the glory for the all the emotional support and prayers we received from the Church. Since then, I dream of lots of kids running around in our lives so the story is not yet over and we welcome God’s perfect plan in our lives. It’s not easy to say  ‘yes’ when your own plans seem to be different from what he has in store for you. A granny looking woman in another dream said “don’t you put a number on the kids God wants you to have”. Stay tuned!!