The Forgotten

I remember a Friday night many years ago when friends going away for a weekend left without me simply because I couldn’t get off work till 6pm.  I’ve since recovered from that slight (even had a good weekend without them!) but it was no fun at the time to be forgotten. You likely have a story of being forgotten.  It may be a profound story that has shaped your life or an easily forgiven oversight

Breaking Bread Together at the Next Door Space

My husband, Ryan, and I volunteered at the Next Door Space this past weekend and had a blast! Our covenant community is volunteering over the course of the next few months and this weekend we worked with the Springles and Hilary Wiebe. As soon as we arrived we unlocked the doors, brought in the food and began setting up. Immediately, I noticed what an awesome, welcoming space it was. The small space was well organized

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Serving as a small group

When Mike first approached me with the idea of changing our small group from a traditional small group into one that primarily meets together to serve others I wasn't sure how it would be received by the group. I knew that the members of the group would want to serve but the challenge often centres around how little discretionary time parents of young children have and the challenge of getting babysitting. For our group, serving together

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