After my second child was born and we took the plunge into buying our first home, I began to look into part-time work.  Being trained as a teacher, I initially started looking for teaching work.  I had an interview that was not successful, and what I was realizing more and more was that my heart really wasn’t in it.

My husband and I were serving once again at a Christian camp in the summer and I was trying to discern God’s plan for me, and what my next steps should be.  Heading into a time of worship and teaching, I felt God saying to me, “Wait on Me” and I wrote those words down in my journal.

After this worship session, we had a guest speaker by the name of Carl Nash- the founder and then director of LAUNCH. As Carl began to share about his program the light bulbs started going off.  Everything Carl described about this program fit so closely with the gifts God has given me, my passion for mentorship and to see young people grow closer to God.

Carl must have sensed my enthusiasm as we spoke at length afterwards and he then followed it up with a phone call asking me to prayerfully consider joining the team!  This is of course when he revealed it would be a support raising position.  Something that I was certainly not prepared for!

After this meeting with Carl, in discussing the opportunity with friends and family and spiritual leaders in my life- all I kept hearing was “that program is perfect for you” or “you were made for work like that”!  Time and again, people close to me were confirming this call that God had placed on my heart.  Just as a missionary who is heading overseas would be- I was scared.  It was counter-cultural to ask for donors, for some family members they saw it as weak, or not making it on my own.  I had to step out in faith, believing in this call on my life and fully trust in God to provide.

I am so glad that I made the decision to follow God’s call.  I have learned so much about myself, grown in skills and abilities, and grown closer to God in the process.  This year the sweetest blessing has come as we are going forward with pursuing accreditation and being able to develop and offer a high school credit in Leadership.  I am so thankful to God that I can use my teacher training to make this dream a reality!

To learn more about my work with LAUNCH and ways that you can partner in this important work, please feel free to contact me:  Another opportunity to have a fun night out and to hear more about LAUNCH is my second annual Spring Art Show, Sale and Silent Auction coming up Saturday, May 24th at 7pm in the Youth Space at Forestview.