Here’s a typical scenario: I’m seated in my local Starbucks and from time to time someone taps me on the shoulder and says hello. Perhaps it’s a neighbour or a parent of one of my children’s friends. Perhaps I know the individual’s name. Perhaps I say, “Oh, hey!” back, unable to recall whether it’s Sue or Janet or Michelle and hoping she doesn’t notice the look of panic on my face.
Maybe I stop tapping away at my laptop in order to chat. More likely, I hope the individual will move on quickly so I can once again bury myself in my work.

Sadly, I realize that I’m no different than the person who gets into his/her car in the garage each day, speeds down the driveway and off to work without noticing anyone or anything in the subdivision.

I live in Palermo (which the locals call West Oak Trails or Bronte Creek), and I’m present…but not really.
I’m determined that this is the year that’s going to change.
It’s time to learn names and get to know people better.
It’s time to move in to the neighbourhood