You are the Prince of Peace.

You are the peace-giver.

You are the peace-maker.


We ask for the gift of peace.

We look around and we see how badly our world needs peace.

Around the globe, across our country, in our workplaces and in our neighbourhoods-

we ask for peace that

transcends our understanding (and misunderstanding) of things.

Your peace can reach through difficult  and hopeless situations and the how-can-anything-good-come-out-this  sort of places.

And this is the sort of peace our world needs.

We pray that peace will seep into every crack and cavity around us.


And if we’re honest with ourselves for more than a minute,

we know that the chaos and war we see around us also exists within.

We ask that You help us make peace with ourselves.

We ask that this peace will guard our hearts and minds.

That this peace will not let our hearts be troubled.

That we will not be afraid.

That this peace from the Prince of Peace will wage war against our anxieties and franticness and that our hearts and minds will be protected from the Evil One.

We ask for peace to reign within us.


The cross,

The bread and wine,

The resurrection,

This is what made peace between us.

We are no longer enemies or strangers,

but, because of this Table, we can dare to call you Father and Friend.


For the peace you are and the peace you make –

thank you.


Together as Your church,

we say