These are the confessions and desires of our hearts.

Hear our prayers.

God, we long for a deeper intimacy with you,

And a heart that overflows with worship and praise.

But we confess that our hearts are often calloused,

Our disposition to you, stone-glazed and guarded,

Our spirit of praise, so often sleepy and weary.

We confess that it’s our overburdened living,

Sin sick hearts and brokenness,

Preoccupation with success and appearance,

And bouts of doubt and despair,

That keeps us on the sideline,

When we should be dancing in your Holy presence.

Lord, would you strip away everything

That keeps us from a deeper relationship with you.

We come to you now in complete surrender

And in bareness we pour out our praise:

We echo the declaration in Hebrews,

That we not only want to be thankful,

But brimming with worship,

And deeply reverent before you Lord.

We worship you in the splendor of your holiness,

And we, and all the earth, tremble in awe of your glory.

As we lift up your name,

We are reminded of the ways in which,

We have witnessed your power, mercy and love

Within in our church body

And the local communities in which we find ourselves.

 Where sin and dark forces continue to surround and captivate,

Would you continue to break us free.

Where we’re both physically and emotionally sick,

Would you restore us.

For those in our congregation who are experiencing immense pain and hurt,

Would your love be evident and your peace plentiful and timely.

Where relationships are frayed, even broken,

Would your type of forgiveness reign.

Lord we pray that your will would be done,

In our congregation, in our local community, where we work,

In the places where your Spirit is already bringing forth new life:

The Next Door Space, Bray’s Lane, Palermo,

And Everywhere in between.

We eagerly anticipate your next moves.

God, the stories from Ecuador last week,

Were a testament to your goodness and love.

Continue to breathe live into the camp and the Church in Bastion.

Give them strength and a clear sense of your presence.

And continue to give us a sense of your cross-border mission,

Reminding us daily to pray,

For those who boldly praise your name in hostile lands.

Father, as we move into communion,

Grab every part of our being,

And bring us face to face with your son’s saving grace.

Remind us of your ultimate sacrifice,

Where life overcomes death.

You are the only source of life Lord.

You are the breathe in our lungs.