He says that by unwearying efforts, by constantly recalling his mind to the presence of God, a habit has been formed within him.

-The Practice Of The Presence Of God, by Brother Lawrence

Dear Lord,

Sometimes we tend to stray from You. When we are with others Your presence isn’t always acknowledged. We’re distracted by friendships here, when really nothing is more important than our relationship with You. Sometimes we get obsessed over what others think of us. It is Your view of us that counts, Father. Or sometimes we get distracted by the busyness of our daily lives. We follow routine dully, forgetting that You offer new life. You reveal to us fresh starts. Let us not be entrapped by our own thoughts and plans. You meant for us to be in continuous communication with You. Your presence reminds us that You give more than this world could ever offer. May we make a habit of remembering Your presence.