When Mike first approached me with the idea of changing our small group from a traditional small group into one that primarily meets together to serve others I wasn’t sure how it would be received by the group. I knew that the members of the group would want to serve but the challenge often centres around how little discretionary time parents of young children have and the challenge of getting babysitting. For our group, serving together would probably mean giving up meeting together to discuss, pray and fellowship and I knew that would be a loss for many of them including me. But we were willing to try it so a few weeks ago we did our first serving event at the Community Dinner hosted by Glad Tidings Pentecostal Church on Guelph Line.

We first contacted Paul Miller and he put us in touch with Tara Marton. We exchanged emails with her and made all the arrangements. We all showed up at Glad Tidings at around 6pm and quickly found the gym and the kitchen next to it. We split up into teams of two and took different stations. Glen and I took a station receiving plates and cutlery from the diners, as did Christy and Lynn. Clay and Barb got to work in the kitchen washing and drying. Towards the end of the dinner the kitchen needed more help so we all headed in to wash dishes and put everything away.

You’ll see from the photos that it was a big gym and at the busiest time I think there were over 100 people eating. I really enjoyed saying hello to everyone and just meeting so many people. It was very satisfying to see teenagers going up for their third or fourth helping and then seeing them leave full and happy. There was ample time for Glen and I to chat and over the night there was lots of laughter and smiles as we enjoyed ourselves helping others.

A few weeks have gone by and our group has decided that we don’t want to give up meeting together for study, prayer and fellowship but we have committed to serve together once a month. We saw how it broke down walls just to be there smiling and helping out in simple ways. I came home from that event happy to have met and helped so many people and to have been a part of the body of Christ in action in a small redemptive activity.

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