What if we thought of the Eucharist

as the Table?

The place where we were fed.

Real sustenance.

The stuff that gives us life and strength

and nourishes us.

The sort of food that sticks to our ribs

and erases sallowness and eases our emaciation.

The sit-down-and-feast sort of Table.

Because we know we need it.

That without it, we would starve.

And die.


What if we thought of the Eucharist

as a meal of intimacy?

As the beloved guests of Jesus.

To talk.

To listen.

To enjoy the quietness of simply being together.

With great love,

we are invited

to sit

and enjoy conversation

and feast

with the Lover of our souls.


God, our prayer

is to approach the Table

with wonder

and amazement.

To fully accept the invitation to

this mysterious feast

that feeds us

and woos us.