Good, Good Father,

We come to you with thankful hearts, ready to start a new year in your Son’s strength.

There is so much to do oh Lord, and yet we know if we do not do it by keeping in step with your Holy Spirit that we will labour in vain.

And so we ask God that you would attune us to your voice. May our choices reflect your will.

We ask and pray for those who are in positions of leadership at ForestView that you would guide and correct them; empower and protect them.

We thank you that this church does not stand or fall with any one person, but that together we are the Body, and that our Leadership Team is polycentric.

We ask that you would continue to foster and build Unity amongst the leadership. May their meetings be marked by your distinct vision and heart.

We pray also for our staff, who give their daily attention to the health and well being of the people of ForestView. It was a great year of transition in 2016, may this year be a time of moving forward in newness and vigour.

During this year we also pray for increase and abundance in the five essential ingredients of our 3-year vision.

We pray that our Mission will move forward. We pray of Next Door as it increases its space and embarks on regular nights of worship within the Aldershot community. We pray that we will experience great success reaching into the neighbourhoods of Oakville, Burlington and Milton.

We pray for Spiritual Formation to increase at a greater rate, that we will be shaped more and more into the character of Jesus. May we all grow in Habits of the Heart and may these spiritual disciplines allow us to be better conduits of your Light.

We pray that we would live up to our name – Church Without Walls – and be a bastion of inclusion where all who enter would feel your inviting presence. May we welcome with Love and genuine care.

We pray that we will be better at telling the Story of Jesus by showing how he has worked, and continues to work, in our lives. May we hear and share stories of redemption and renewal that bring hope to our friends and co-workers.

We pray for Passion. May you ignite the spiritual embers in our hearts and cause us to remember who we are – beloved children of the Living God. Don’t let us become complacent and idle, awaken our first Love! May your Holy Spirit create a thirst for your Son that drives every aspect of our being.

We pray these things knowing that you can do so much more than we can ask or even imagine.


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