I became a member of Forestview’s Global Missions Team last year, mostly accidentally. You see, I wanted to write a blog about being a global missionary from home, so I turned to the Global Missions Team as a resource. After attending one meeting, my name was written down in the meeting minutes as a member . . . and since I didn’t want to let the team down, I just kept coming back.

At first, my heart wasn’t in it. Missions Team meetings weren’t the exotic, awe-inspiring events I expected. We didn’t spend the whole time sampling foreign cuisine, or listening to uplifting miracle stories. In fact, as I became more and more committed, I was acquainted with the tough decisions, and challenging conversations that the Missions Team has to wade through in order to serve our partners to the best of our ability. Being a member of the Missions Team is a great responsibility, and sometimes, it is a great challenge.

But, I’m learning that being involved in Global Missions through Forestview is also greatly rewarding. When I started, I didn’t know much about our partner ministries; but I’ve found learning about them to be a great blessing. First off, the people associated with these ministries are simply inspiring. Take a moment to learn the stories of Mo & Jo Morrison in Malawi, or the Kropisk family in Poland. Their passion for God and hearts for the unreached are contagious! Read a bit about the work going on in Thailand through the Hand to Hand Foundation, or the many lives touched through the Ecuador camps and the Sanctuary’s outreach programs. The Kingdom of God is coming to earth through these projects. People are being healed, fed & clothed in the name of Jesus. And we get to be a part of it! When I step back and look at the big picture, I see that the work we’re involved in as Global Missions Team is an exotic, awe-inspiring miracle – it’s a gift.

There are many opportunities for you to be involved with the Global Missions Team. For one, you can join us! We’d be delighted to recruit a new member. But, you can also keep up with us by reading our newsletter updates, sponsoring children involved in our programs, and most of all, praying for our partner ministries. It may be challenging, it will definitely require perseverance, but I can promise that – like me – you’ll be surprised by a whole new world of blessing that God wants to share with you.

 If you’re interested in getting involved with the Global Missions Team, you can contact me (danika.campbell@hotmail.com) or Hilary Carver (carverhilary@hotmail.com). We would be delighted to connect withyou!