These past few days have been exhausting! I can’t remember the last time I have done so much in 5 days. From the day we arrived to today, we have had orientation, gone up a cable car on the Pinchincha mountain (14,000 feet above sea level). The view was indescribable. You could see all of Quito and more.

We have also grocery shopped, learned to take the bus, drove all over Quito it feels like, visited a home where women who work at the dump meet for Bible study, gone to malls, eaten at local restaurants, gotten a super bad sunburn… my shoulders literally look like a ripe tomato, (and yes I’ve learned my lesson to wear sunscreen now Mom). We have watched a soccer tournament, learned to play Ecu-Volley (a version of volleyball where anything goes pretty much), played soccer, had intense Spanish study sessions, received roses on Valentine’s Day from Ramiro (roses are very cheap here!) & cards from the children at the school, visited Old Quito, gone to church, taught Sunday school, taught English at the school… and napped whenever possibly.

The family we are living with are also hosting an American girl from California named Hannah! She has been here for 2 weeks and is leaving mid-March. I have been ever so grateful for her being here as well. She has showed us the ropes, helped us understand the bus system, taught me some Spanish, and much more!


Teaching at Remanso de Amor has been a challenge for me. I have never taught English before, let alone taught anyone in a classroom setting. Although I’ve only been teaching for 2 school days, I still haven’t figured out what works for me as a teacher and what works for the students to learn from me as well. I constantly have found myself praying silently in my head for God to provide me with patience, understanding, and wisdom. What I am finding hard is getting out my Canadian mind set, where classrooms listen to the teacher, kids raise their hands, and they know English. But here is a lot different. In classes children don’t always listen and besides saying “Silencio por favor” there’s not much I can do as it’s just the way their schooling works. I want to be able to get out of my Canadian mind set and allow the children to teach me, the teachers to teach me and allow these kids to flourish in the future with the English I am trying to teach.

I know God has got my back in this situation and will be by my side each day as I enter the classroom. I pray that these children will feel the love of God surrounding them- that Remanso de Amor will truly be a Haven of Love for them the second they walk in the gates. I know when I entered the gates of Remanso that I felt welcomed and loved.

With love & a thankful heart,