Over the past week Nicole and I have had the first of our many “lasts.” We had our last house visits with Gladys and Carlotta, our last time watching Jonatan’s soccer time lose a game (sorry bud), last time helping at social project, last time teaching the pastors, last time going to church. and many more little lasts that have slowly made us sadder and sadder as we realize our time here is actually coming to an end.

As excited as I am to come home to see family & friends, I’m dreading having to go through today & tomorrow. Even writing this and thinking about it is making my heart ache and tears fill my eyes.

Today is our last time at Remanso de Amor. We are having a carnival fun day with the whole school as our way of saying goodbye. Today I’m nervous. Today I’m sad. Today or tomorrow, I don’t want it to happen. I can’t imagine saying goodbye to the children at the school or Ramiro and his family tomorrow.

Today is the last time playing with our cute little kindergarteners. Last time laughing with Rommel, Patricio, Jose, Melina, Nadia, and so many more. Our last time getting endless cuddles and hugs from my grade 6-7 class and little Naomi.

I pray that today will be filled with endless laughter, smiles, hugs, fun, and memories. God be with Nicole and I today- give us the strength to get through the 50 goodbye hugs we will be giving & receiving.

Today is going to be. God be with us both.