So far on my trip, I have found that children i have encountered and see every day have a large amount of trust. And that trust happens right away, they don’t seem to hesitate too much when I meet a child or come up and push them on a swing or sit beside them. These children also radiate so much joy and love.

Today, for example, at Social Project at Remanso, there was this one little girl who always say “HOLA!, Hola chicas! Hola amigos” whenever Nicole and I walked by. This little girl is so loving towards us. She finds joy in the simplest things, like swinging on a swing all day. Plus, she has the biggest smile, and cutest little face you ever will see.

These children constantly remind me of Jesus in so many ways. They remind me of the love and joy that Jesus had for those He encountered. The love the children emit- and that Jesus displayed- is a love I want to have. The love Jesus had for all those He met is what I long to be able to constantly shine out of me; especially in the tough moments in the classroom, on this trip, and when I return home.

For me, the children help to remind me to have trust in others and in God especially. With their unrelenting trust towards me, it reminds me how I need to be like that with God. I should be able to have enough trust in Him to know He will listen to me, comfort me, and calm any storm in my life. The children will come up and jump on my lap and cuddle in my arms and the look on their faces is one of peace and safety. I know that when I run into God’s arms, I too will feel peace and safety.

I am striving to find simple joys everyday. I want to be able to love without holding back. I want to have childlike trust. I know all that can be made possible through Christ.

Prayer requests:
-For the children who attend social project, that they will feel the comfort and love of God in their lives
-Personally, for my cold and sickness not to hinder my teaching, my energy level with the children, and effort I put into tasks
-For the students at Remanso de Amor, that they will continue to put their trust in God, strive to succeed in their studies, and for Nicole & I to continue to strengthen the relationships we have with each student.

With love,


[Imitate God, therefore, in everything you do, because you are his dear children. Live a life filled with love, following the example of Christ. — Ephesians 5:1-2a]