I just returned to Quito after spending the past week in Peru with FV’s youth group. It was my third time in the beautiful city of Trujillo and just like the times before it was quite a different experience than the previous times.  I had an amazing time with the whole team. Although there were many unforgettable moments and experiences, three really stuck out to me this time in Peru. 

This year I did not have the opportunity to see to know many of the new team members from Forest view like I did previous years. Even so the love from the team was incredible. The mixture of talents and personalities made for a very well rounded and welcoming team. The friendships made and grown stronger are some I will always treasure. Most importantly seeing and spending time with my dear friend Amy was such a blessing!

We went to visit our two sponsor girls at the day care center on our last day in Trujillo. I hadn’t met Anali yet but I had met Marisa two years prior when she was 8 years old. After showing Mariza a picture of the two of us from two years ago she remembered me. Just like before she was slow to warm up to us but finally we got her to smile. Even though I have spent little time with her over the years sponsoring her, every moment with her has been memorable. 

The children in New Jerusalem are always one of the many joys of the Peru trip. They are so loving, fun and trusting to complete strangers. I am definitely a kid person but even more then children I love babies. Whenever I saw one in NJ I wanted to hold him/her and if I asked the mothers would always gladly hand me their child. It was amazing to see the trust these women had in me and the rest of the team. And the pure love and joy that just emanates from these beautiful children of God is so heartwarming.

The love shared between a group of Gods people coming together to serve. The impact a strangers love and generosity can have on someones life. Gods love in its purest form, the love of a child. These are the three areas god showed himself to me most during my time in Peru.

With love,