Where Kids meet Jesus and become more like Him.

Kidsview is a place where relationships are nurtured with God, with each other and with their leaders. We want to see kids and leaders grow as followers of Jesus.

Nursery to Preschool

Kids are signed in and dropped off at their classroom downstairs:

Nursery (Birth – 18 months)

Toddler (18 months – 3 years)

Junior Kindergarten (3 & 4 years)

Kids are invited into a fun and welcoming environment by their leaders. Toddlers & JK’s learn about who God is through worship, story, prayer and scripture. Kids are invited to have a snack while reading their bible story. They also have a craft or game that ties into their lesson.  

SK to Grade 5

Kids are signed in and stay in the sanctuary with their parents for part of worship before being invited upstairs to Kidsview where they begin in a large group together and experience kids worship, a memory verse and the Bible story in a fun and engaging way.  Kids are then dismissed with their leaders into small groups (by school grades) for age appropriate learning, games and life application lessons.